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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Undergraduate)

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Undergraduate) or NEET (UG), formerly the All-India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), is an all-India pre-medical entrance test for students who wish to pursue undergraduate medical (MBBS), dental (BDS) and AYUSH (BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, etc.) courses in government and private institutions in India and also, for those intending to pursue primary medical qualification abroad.

The exam is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA), which provides the results to the Directorate General of Health Services under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and State Counselling Authorities for seat allocation.

NEET-UG replaced the All-India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) and many other pre-medical exams conducted by states and various medical colleges. However, due to lawsuits being filed against the exam, it could not be held in 2014 and 2015. NEET-UG is a single entrance test for admissions to MBBS and BDS colleges across India. NEET UG is one of the largest exams in India in terms of registered applicants.

After the enactment of NMC Act 2019 in September 2019, NEET-UG became the sole entrance test for admissions to medical colleges in India including the All-India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER) which until then conducted separate exams.

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Best NEET Classes in Nashik


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Intro Yashwant Class

Discover the world of education at Yashwant Classes! Our tour will give you an in-depth look at our state-of-the-art facilities, expert instructors, and personalized learning approach. 

5 Reasons

Why you should join Yashwant Classes - the best NEET classes in Nashik...

The 2-year NEET preparation at +2 level is the gate way for future Professional Courses. Those students who prepare seriously these 2 years will have a clear path to walk further in life. So, proper expertise guidance is required.

Expert Faculty for NEET

Teachers at YASHWANT CLASSES mainly focus on developing the Basic Concepts required for NEET Exam. All the faculty at YASHWANT CLASSES has 20+ years of Teaching Experience. Moreover, The Principal of the institute himself teaches Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Physics is having 26 years of experience.

Small Batch Size

While preparing for entrance exam, students cannot concentrate in a classroom of 80, 100 or 200 students class strength. At YASHWANT CLASSES, we capped the batch strength maximum at 30 students. You can clear all your doubts in your regular classroom discussions, on the same day.

Free Demo Class

You are preparing for NEET, where more than 18 lakh students attempt the exam. To be in the competition, understanding the concepts is utmost important. If student – teacher frequency does not match, you cannot prepare for the medical entrance exam. We at Yashwant Classes provide 7 days FREE DEMO, before taking admission.

Simultaneous Boards & NEET Preparation

Without the basic knowledge of Boards, you cannot excel in medical entrance exam. We at Yashwant Classes, start every chapter at Basics and end at NEET. As both Boards and NEET syllabus are covered simultaneously, students save lot of time for self-study.

Personal Attention

Every student is different. Every student has different strengths and weakness. Even though teachers give guidance to all students commonly in classroom, we at Yashwant Classes, counsel and motivate every student personally. Students can interact with their teachers anytime. This facility itself is a Booster dose.

Result Oriented NEET Preparation Study Techniques

 practiced and followed by our students

One of the most important preparation tips for NEET preparation we can give you is enough time to study. It’s very easy, and common, to put off study session because of lack of interest in the subject, because students have other things need to get done, or just because the assignment is hard. Procrastination also leads to rushing at the end of the course, and rushing is the number one cause of errors.

Our students schedule specific times throughout the week when they are going to study and then they stick with their schedule by sharing with us their study reports. Students who study occasionally and casually, do not perform in NEET. We recommend preparing a term calendar, weekly schedule and daily schedule that includes regular study hours.

Not only we prepare our students to plan when they are going to study, we give emphasis on creating a consistent, daily study routine for their NEET preparation. Our constant approaches make our students study at the same time each day and every week, studying becomes a regular part of their lives and it becomes a habit. Our students get mentally and emotionally more prepared for each study session and each study session will become more productive.

We would even suggest asking our students’ directly the best way to study the concerned subject. All our students get prepared to ask about what topics they need to focus for NEET preparation.

Simply studying without specified direction is useless. We make our students to know exactly what they need to accomplish during each study session, especially they need to solve MCQs within stipulated time.

Everyone gets distracted by something. Maybe it’s the TV, mobile or may be student’s family. When students get distracted while studying, they lose concentration and unable to focus — both leads to very ineffective studying. We provide our students an effective learning path and engaging study material for easy understanding of all topics so it boosts overall confidence and interest in students for competition-based study.

Our team of expert faculties and leading industry experts prepare an outline of the main topics and concepts that should be covered for the NEET exam preparation, then we make our students use this sheet to study. This helps them memorize key facts and other information. Organizing information into diagrams and charts (which we call as mind maps) helps to condense and simplify information and improves recalling ability in the final NEET exam time.

We encourage our students to getting plenty of rest and to exercise regularly that enhance their ability to perform well. Our experts guide parents to make their wards eat nutritious food, to be alert and focused. Its absolute responsibility of parent and students to stay away from junk food. Eating junk food or sugar prior to a test will cause energy levels to deplete quickly and can impact student’s ability to focus during the exam.

If any student wants to improve in his / her NEET test performance, then it’s absolutely necessary to improve note taking pattern. Taking good notes, and correctly utilizing notes, is one of the most effective strategies for improving test performance and we help our students to be professional in it. Having good lecture notes to review can make all difference in the world of NEET when it comes to maximizing performance in exams.

Everyone has 168 hours in each week, but not everyone chooses to manage their time effectively. The difference between a poor student, a good student and a great student often boils down to how effectively each manages and uses their time. Time management isn’t about “activity”, it’s about “productivity”. Productivity, not activity is our students’ goal. We don’t make our students just work hard; but make them ready to work smart. Students who work smart have effective time management skills. Effective time management is essential to improving overall academic productivity, as well as test performance.

Ever heard the phrase “two heads are better than one?” This is especially true when it comes to studying. Working in groups enables our students to get help from others when they’re struggling to understand a concept, and Teach others, whereby helping both, the other students and themselves to internalize the subject matter.

Once our students are prepared adequately, and done all that they can do prior to test day, the last thing they have to do in order to improve NEET test performance is to employ proper test taking strategies. From providing the right training materials to having an experienced and excellent faculty, our classes are designed to help our students secure the best scores in NEET.

Our Super 32 - Previous Academic Year Toppers

Smita Kadam

JEE & CET - 99.20%

Ashutosh Banait

Engineering - 95.30%

Bhagesh Shelar

Engineering - 95.54%

Chirag Patel

MBBS - 97.82%

Geeta Dhokre

Engineering - 97.34%

Harshal Sasle

CET + 436 NEET - 98%

Jagruti Avhad

Engineering - 95.88%

Sravani Dharkar

JEE Mains - 99.25%

Pranit Paithankar

MBBS - 94.86%

Prashant Ugle

Engineering - 87.93%

Preksha Mandlecha

MBBS - 94.76%

Sakshi Gaikwad

Medical - 92.46%

Sameer Jadhav

Engineering - 84.35%

Sarang Dahale

Engineering - 83.70%

Sayyed Rubiya

BDS - 91.89%

Sayyed Halim

MBBS - 93.95%

Kaushal Kulkarni

Engineering - 87.54%

Kundan More

Engineering - 87.28%

Mayur Vidhate

Engineering - 89.72%

Muskan Khan

Engineering - 93.28%

Nidhi Tadge

Engineering - CET 96.10%

Nilambari Gharte

Engineering - 89.45%

Nilesh Solanki

Engineering - 90.27%

Nishant Salria

Engineering - 93.88%

Shrikrishna Barve

MBBS - 82.68%

Shrirang Patil

B. Architecture - 88.58%

Aditya Ambadkar

Engineering - 86.46%

Jayesh Shewale

Engineering - 89% CET

Sukhada Velankar

Engineering - 89.53%

Vishal Khairnar

Engineering - 85.40%

Yashashri Suryavanshi

Engineering - 82.70%

Kiran Thakre

BDS - 90.45%

Meet Our Expert Faculties

best neet classes in nashik

Qualification: B.E. Engineering (Chemical)
Teaching Experience: 25 Years
Speciality Subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
(NEET & IIT Preparation) 

Qualification: M.Sc. B.Ed. (Biology – Gold Medalist)
Teaching Experience: 27 Years
Subject: Biology
Teaching As Per NEET (NCERT) & Board

Qualification: MCom, CA Intern
Subject Expertise: Accounts, Taxation, Costing
Teaching Experience-
1. N.B.T. Law college- 10 years
2. M.V.P. Law college- 2 years
3. Navjeevan Law college- 2 years

Qualification: Masters of Commerce (M.COM)
Experience: 7 Years
Speciality Subjects: (1)Economics
(2)Secretarial Practice (SP)
(3) Organisation of Commerce & Management (OCM)

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We intake only a limited number of students in our batches, we help our students excel with individual attention and personalized guidance.

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The Mantra of The Successful NEET UG Aspirants

The mantra of the successful NEET UG aspirants for getting 600+ and maintain the consistency between the preparation by Yashwant Classes.

Repeater Batches at The Best NEET Classes in Nashik

Yashwant Classes is one of the best Neet Classes in Nashik because we offer specialized coaching classes designed for NEET repeaters, where candidates don’t have to repeat the syllabus all over again. Instead, these classes are more focused on helping students practice and achieve a level of perfection through regular tests and lectures.

 We understand the level of guidance and personalized attention that NEET repeaters require, and thus, the lectures and tests designed for the repeaters batch help students improve specific study areas and brush up concepts from already what they have learned.

Regular revision and model tests are tailored to prepare NEET repeaters to further understand the competency level of the examination and identify their strengths and weaknesses. As the repeater batch is for those reattempting NEET, it is important for repeaters to realize what they already know and the areas and sections that they need to improve upon for better results the next time.

Yashwant Classes provides updated and latest study materials and assessment tests for students to practice in an easier and effective manner. This allows NEET repeaters to effectively manage their time, which can help them crack the examination with more confidence and lesser stress. Time management is an essential component that helps students achieve the best scores in competitive exams.

With NEET, managing time the right way is a skill that our students learn over the course, helping them develop their preparation plan and strategies. Our faculty focuses on the abilities and preparation status of each and every student of our NEET repeater batch.

Students get a chance to practice concepts multiple times, clear their doubts during lectures, and also attempt previous years’ question papers to give them a feel of the exam setting. This helps NEET repeaters attempt the exam in a more relaxed and prepared manner. Cracking an exam like NEET is not impossible.

Complete Practice with NEET Ultra Test Series

Perfect Practice for NEET With Finest Questions, The Fastest Way

Chapter-wise Tests
• Assess preparations for a chapter with Chapter wise Tests in sync with your own study plan. • Multiple Tests for each chapter for spaced assessment. • Instant result on submission. • Detailed step-by-step doubt clearance on every question. • Improve tests’ performance increasingly with Flag Lists.
Fully-Solved Question Bank
• Chapter-wise Question Bank with matching difficulty level. • Clear doubts at a glance with written step-by-step solutions. • Focus on your weaker areas with 3-step Revision Lists. • Bookmark important questions for practice later. • Reverse Learning – Pull out Study Notes from the solution to revise concepts.
All India NEET Mock Test Series
• Assess your preparedness and performance with full-syllabus Mock Tests. • Also includes Subject Level Mock Tests covering full syllabus. • Latest NEET pattern, syllabus and matching difficulty level. • Self-explanatory solutions for faster doubt clearance. • Don’t just assess, boost your score with Flag List.
Best NEET Classes in Nashik
Teaching Faculties

Yashwant Classes has a group of experienced, expert and industry-leading teaching faculties with wide experience in their relevant subjects and fields.

Exclusive Facilities

Modern ICT Technologies, Practical lab equipped with all required tools and instruments, Library with keenly selected books, Free WIFI, and electrical backup facility for uninterrupted teaching and learning

Regular Assignments & Performance Analysis

Based on Assessments, students can better focus on leading and dropping topics and achieve their goals more effectively.

Limited No. of students for personalized coaching

We offer a limited number of students so they can get the personalized coaching they need and deserve to excel in all subjects.

Why Students Choose Us for Successful Results?

Students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and the free exchange of ideas where they can gain and share knowledge.

What Our Students Say About Us?

Our Students Review’s About our Class

Yes, I can confidently say that Principal – Bhalchandra Paril Sir is running the best NEET classes in Nashik as per my personal experience. My sister was also one of the students of Yashwant classes who is in Germany after doing instrumentation in engineering. Bhalchandra sir himself taught us physics, mathematics & chemistry. His explanation is superb, and it comes in handy for all those studying XI & XII Science and preparing for NEET Medical Enterance.

Sakshi Gaikwad


I joined Yashwant classes soon after finishing my 10th exam. My father and mother were also students of Yashwant sir.
Bhalchandra Patil Sir is a perfect blend of teaching devotion and discipline.
He constantly motivates his students. Everyone in our batch benefitted from Balachandra sir’s sophisticated teaching methods. The regular test series and revisions conducted at Yashwant classes created a strong foundation for all the subjects.

Nishant Salria


Yashwant Classes is the place to have fun in bright career building and motivational best guidance for every subject. My interest developed in Chemistry due to Balchardra Patil Sir’s teaching easy techniques and profound explanations to the best. Like sir, I also want to make my career in chemical engineering. So guys, don’t wait; join Yashwant classes.

Nilesh Solanki


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